Most major sites are back at work

Major contractors have nearly 70% of their sites in England and Wales back at work.

A survey by Build UK shows the extent that the construction industry has remobilised after adapting new site operating procedures.

While the COVID-19 pandemic remains a real threat, and the lockdown procedures have no end in sight, the government wants to see as much of the economy remain functioning, as long as it is safe.

Scotland has taken a hard line as to what constitutes as essential work and all the construction sites in Scotland will remain closed.

In England and Wales contractors returning to sites has gained traction. Build UK members reported this week that almost 70% of their sites are opens. The majority are construction (81%) and infrastructure (78%) sites. Members that include housing in their portfolio reported that less than half of their housing sites were open.

Productivity on construction and infrastructure sites in averaging at 67%, according to Build UK, as sites have to adhere to social distancing guidelines.