REC Launches Webinar Series to Help Recruitment Business Owners

The REC have launches a webinar series called ‘Fit For The New Dawn’. It s aimed at recruitment business owners to help them through these uncertain times.

The first webinar was recorded on the 26th March and was called ‘Strategy or Urgency – making the right day-to-day business decisions‘, you can watch the full webinar here.

The speakers were Paul Jacobs and Howard Greenwood from LoveWorkLife, and Dave Pye and Bradley Placks from ToAugment. They shared their insight on how to help recruiters through this difficult time. The speakers urged recruiters to adapt to the new circumstances and take a good position for when the market returns to normality.

“There’s no template for what it’s happening. But it’s a disruption and we will return to a new norm.” – Dave Pye

The main takeaways of what recruiters should be focusing on were

Cashflow – this was the primary concern of the majority (76%) of participants. The speakers suggested to have conversations with your suppliers and focus on credit control as some of your clients might go under.

Furlough – three in five (59%) participants are looking at furloughing staff. A tip was to look at the support your employees require before deciding who to furlough, who to keep on full pay and who to lay off and to ensure you have all government-related information before making any decisions. Don’t make any irrational decisions.

Homeworking – Know how to manage your own workload, your health and the team spirit. Motivate staff to update the database and do all the things you had no time to do before. Have interaction with your team and ensure good mental health of your staff so they’re ready for when the crisis is over.

Strategy planning – Review plans and explore better ways to deliver your strategy. Understand what other recruitment channels your clients use and how much they spend – this will help you to target the right people when new projects are introduced. Also, speak to candidates and identify those in furlough or unemployed so you’re in a good position when the market turns.

“Don’t panic. Instead, put a process in place so that you’re ready to move forward.”  – Howard Greenwood

The next webinar is on Thursday 2nd April at 10am and titled ‘Covid-19 and managing its impact on cashflow. You can sign up for it here.