The Spice Group

We have also supplied to a very large Water Utilities contractor a large volume of temporary Leakage Technicians that they needed at short notice on a contract they had recently been awarded. Due to the adverse weather conditions they didn’t have enough of their own staff to cover the sudden increase in work load.

They needed up to 60 Contractors within a week in various locations throughout the UK, including East Anglia on a contract for Anglian Water, which was a very difficult location to source candidates for. Again we used our internal resources; Database, Job boards. We continually asked for referrals and because these candidates worked in teams we asked them to pass on our details to their work colleagues. We also devised a way of paying them slightly more money and a bonus at the end of the assignment so that they stayed on the contract and didn’t get tempted away by another Agency offering more money.

This also involved meeting all the candidates face to face, carrying out ID checks, reference checking and setting them up on our payroll. This was a highly labour intensive exercise, however we managed to successfully fill all the requirements and the Client was extremely pleased with the service that they received.

We continued to work with this client for a further 3 years supplying similar contracts throughout the UK.

How we managed to do this with our own staff was by working closely with the client. We looked at the exact number and locations that they needed. We then looked at our own internal resources and availability of staff. We put together a plan that encompassed all the requirements plus additional resources in case the Contractors didn’t work out for whatever reason. We made sure that we over-subscribed on every position, so although we were asked to find up to 60 we actually had nearer 100 candidates available and ready to start. We then looked at the locations and who they needed where and when. Logistically they couldn’t actually practically take on all 60 at once as they didn’t have enough internal supervisors and managers to look after that level of temporary staff. So we devised a plan that included supplying supervisors in key locations that they didn’t have any coverage, as well