Confidence in hiring new staff is rising

Business confidence may still be low but many businesses are starting to hire more new staff.

According to the Recruitment and Employment Confederation (REC) employers from the start to the middle of May have started to feel a bit more confident about their ability to hire new workers.

Business confidence in hiring improved by 11%  compared to early April.

The labour market is starting to open up again as lockdown restrictions are gradually being eased.

Other research undertaken by the REC shows that demand for cleaners and security guards have all risen in recent weeks.

Also, medium-term demand for permanent and agency workers is showing a demand for workers during the lockdown.

‘Coronavirus has caused a huge slowdown in the labour market, but this data indicates that the worst could be behind us. More workplaces are now starting to re-open all over the country… And while demand is still strongest in the health and care sector right now, we are likely to see positive signs for other roles in the near future…. Recruiters will be at the forefront of this recovery, working in close collaboration with employers and the government to get people back into work where they are needed most. Our sector will have a particularly big job to do in helping candidates change sectors and roles as the economy builds back in a different shape.’ – Neil Carberry, chief executive of the REC