Labour rates rose by 10.1% in February

The weekly earnings of self-employed construction workers rose by 10.1% in February 2022, compared to January, and by and 7.1% on a year ago. The average earnings for self-employed tradespeople reached £950 per week during February, up from £863 in January.

Regions varied from a low of £748 a week (on average) in the North East up to £1,042 in the East Midlands.

Earnings reached an all-time high in the South West of £931 on average. Earnings increased across all trades, led by plumbers (up 16.6% at £1,115), electricians (up 16.3% at £1,145) and surfacing contractors (up 15.6% at £859).

February’s increase in rates follows a 10% month-on-month fall in January.