Possible post-lockdown workplace rules revealed

A draft government plan to ease the lockdown, seen by the BBC, urges employers to minimise staff using equipment, stagger shift times and maximise home working.

The Prime Minister will reveal his plans to get the UK out of lockdown on Sunday.

The draft strategy says additional hygiene procedures, screens and the use of protective equipment should be considered where social distancing is impossible.

Director general of the British Chambers of Commerce, Adam Marshall, wants clear guidance on whether employers will need to provide the PPE.

It is not yet clear when schools will reopen.

However, the Guardian reports that government scientific advisors are examining the impact of letting children int heir final year of primary school go back to class from June 1st, as part of a phased in approach to reopening schools.

During Sundays daily briefing Michael Gove said the the UK would not be ‘flicking on a switch and going back to the old normal’. He said there would be a ‘phased approach’ which would allow the government to monitor the changes and how it affects public health.

BBC political correspondent, Chris Mason, says that the Prime Minister will examine data, take advice on how much the virus has been suppressed and assess the potential consequences on infection rates of changes to the rules before setting out plans next Sunday.